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Doors provide safety and security for your home in the Parkton, MD or Southern PA area. Like other components of the building envelope, exterior doors need to be properly installed to perform as designed. In older homes, exterior doors can be leaky, poorly insulated and make your home feel less comfortable. When your home has an energy audit conducted by the specialists at York Home Performance, we’ll be sure to test your doors!

What Makes a Door Energy Efficient?

Exterior doors allow us to enter and leave our homes easily and are a home’s first impression to the outside world. Doors function well when they close and lock tightly and have a good air seal around all sides to keep outside air out. Energy efficiency can also be improved in the door’s material: many high-efficiency doors have high-density foam sandwiched between aluminum or fiberglass for added R-value or thermal resistance.

Patio Doors with ENERGY STAR Ratings

Other exterior doors are constructed from glass, including hinged French doors and sliding doors to provide access the back or side yards of your York, PA area home. Just like a solid front entry door, these glass framed doors need to have a tight fit when closed. Double-paned glass also increases the energy efficiency of these essential access points in a home.

Open Your New Door to Energy Savings

If your home needs a new front door, side door or glass patio door, our envelope specialists can help you select a new door, and make sure it’s installed correctly! For ENERGY STAR-rated sliders and hinged French doors, we prefer local Gratz, PA-based MI Windows. The MI Windows plant is just down the road, so we know that if something’s not quite right, then we can find a solution quickly.

We’ll install your doors so that they open and close easily. Your door hardware and locks will align and provide you with the security your family needs. When adding sliders or French doors, we’ll make sure that the tracks are fine-tuned for easy opening. In addition, our door installation team will make sure that the insulation and sealing around the door frame keep outside drafts from getting in!

Open the door to energy savings, comfort, and security! Contact us or call (410) 934-7734 to learn more about replacing the doors in your home today.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • I have been cold in my house for 30 years, and yesterday when the crew left I was comfortable for the first time.

    Grace, Parkton, MD
  • We were very pleased with the Energy Audit process. We knew our energy bills were high but didn't know where to start. Were so glad we called you!

    James and Sandra Busch, Timonium, MD
  • Our house was built in the 70's and we knew it was less efficient than it could be, you took the time to provide a prioritized list of steps to take to improve our home. We were happy to know that BGE could provide us with rebates to pay for 50 % of the project! Thank you!

    Lynn Plamen, Bel Air, MD