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Most homeowners know they need insulation, and there will never be a better time to get additional insulation added to the attic, walls, or basement.

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One of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your home’s comfort is with attic insulation. We all know that heat rises, and the right amount of attic insulation will keep you cozy and warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The attic insulation professionals at York Home Performance can identify many ways to save energy in your home, starting with your attic insulation.

What’s Wrong with My Attic Insulation?

It’s very rare to find homes without any attic insulation, yet, many of the attics we inspect have old, damp and compressed insulation that is ineffective. In addition, pests or rodents are able to get into attic spaces, making your attic insulation an unpleasant mess. Even minor roof leaks can dampen insulation, compacting it and causing mold or musty smells.

If your home experiences ice dams in the winter, it may be another sign that your attic insulation is inadequate. Finally, modern recommendations for attic insulation R-values are considerably higher than they were in the 1950s and 1960s, when many homes in our area were constructed. In short, if your attic insulation isn’t working, your home is not very energy efficient.

Attic Air Sealing & Insulation Improves Home Comfort

Many homeowners know they don’t feel very comfortable in their homes, but they don’t know why. Our home energy audit can diagnose exactly what is causing drafty rooms and high energy bills— and help us understand what’s happening with your home’s systems. Once we’ve completed a blower door test and thermal imaging, we often find that attic insulation is the place to start. The thermal mapping will reveal areas in the attic where outside air is leaking in through small gaps around light fixtures, as well as where insulation is ineffective.

Which Type of Insulation is Best for Attics?

The experienced insulation experts at York Home Performance can recommend the best approach for your home’s attic insulation. In our area, we recommend air sealing with spray foam around gaps, cracks and fixtures before installing the new insulation. This will allow your attic insulation to perform at top efficiency.

Then we’ll install the appropriate thickness of insulation. In most situations, we’ve found that blown-in fiberglass provides the best coverage and thermal benefits, but there are tight areas in some attics where spray foam or fiberglass batts will make the most sense. For certain attic applications, we’ll specify cellulose blown-in insulation, which is made from recycled newspapers and other plant by-products. However, in our area high humidity can be a factor. For that reason, we generally opt for fiberglass which performs better under humid conditions.

Is your old attic insulation costing you money and making you uncomfortable? Contact us or call (410) 934-7734 to schedule an energy audit today!

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  • I have been cold in my house for 30 years, and yesterday when the crew left I was comfortable for the first time.

    Grace, Parkton, MD
  • We were very pleased with the Energy Audit process. We knew our energy bills were high but didn't know where to start. Were so glad we called you!

    James and Sandra Busch, Timonium, MD
  • Our house was built in the 70's and we knew it was less efficient than it could be, you took the time to provide a prioritized list of steps to take to improve our home. We were happy to know that BGE could provide us with rebates to pay for 50 % of the project! Thank you!

    Lynn Plamen, Bel Air, MD