Once an Energy Audit is completed, some homeowners wish to take the next step and have the major issues in their home fixed. We provide a number of weatherization services to help our customers increase comfort levels, reduce energy bills, and provide a healthy home for years to come!

Air Sealing 

Usually one of the most cost effective ways to improve the overall home is by air sealing.  We use a variety of techniques and materials to help reduce the air leakage in your home.  Strategic air seaing helps not only to reduce energy and utility bills, it is critical to keeping your home comfortable all year round.



Most homes in our area were built with little or no insulation.  The lack of insulation in key areas of the home lead to uneven room temperatures, uncomfortable rooms and high energy bills. Our team has the knowledge and skills to properly insulate your home. 



Both heating and air conditioning  units are integral  parts to the house as a whole. We'll make sure that your units are operating efficiently and safely.  Poorly ventilated combustion appliances present issues of health and safety that we or our trusted partners can help you fix. 



Although windows are mainly aesthetics, replacing old and malfunctioning windows with high efficient replacement windows can add value and save energy.  If you are considering replacing your windows, we can help. We have relationships with local distributors to provide a wide range of EnergyStar qualified windows.