BGE's HPwES Progarm 

The goal of York Home Performance is to give you a safe, comfortable, and efficient Home for your family. We offer Home Energy Audits, which uses scientific equipment to diagnose your current conditions of your home. We are BPI certified and York Home Performance is a participating contractor in BGE's Home Performance with Energy Star Program. Receive a Whole House Audit and Receive up to $2000 in Rebates for energy effieceincy improvements!




BPI Energy Audits  


York Home Performance performs energy audits by BPI certified Building Analyst. The Building Performance Institute's (BPI), nationally recognized credentialing program ensures BPI certified professionals are individuals who have passed BPI’s rigorous written and field practical exams to prove they have the knowledge, skills and abilities to diagnose and solve home performance problems according to BPI Standards

We'll use our scientific diagnostic equipment such as a blower door, thermal Imaging camera, and combustion analyzer to evaluate the vital components that make up your home. We'll check HVAC systems, Insulation levels, Air Leakage, Carbon Monoxide levels, Gas Lines, Ventilation, Windows, Doors just to name a few. After taking into consideration all aspects of your home, we'll develop a prioritized list to increase the health, safety, comfort and energy efficiency of your home.  



 What We Help Fix...


          •   Cold Rooms in the Winter Time 

            •    Hot Rooms in the Summer Time

•   High Energy and Fuel Bills 

                 •  Drafty and Uncomfortable Rooms 




News Icon - news, newspaper, novelty, black FIrstEnergy Residential Energy Audit Program

     York Home Performance is a participating contractor in the Residential Energy Audit Program offered by your FirstEnergy Utilities. All Met-Ed customers will receive a rebate check to cover the cost of the Energy Audit.   The homeowner pays for the cost of the audit, and FirstEnergy rebates the full amount, we charge $250.  We will also install "quick fixes" to help save you money and energy right away! We install items such as LED nightlights, CFL light bulbs, and Smart Power Strips at no cost to you, a ($100 value)! It's our gift for having the Energy Audit completed.     

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